Crash Into Me

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I think it's better to have someone, even if it hurts, even if it is the most painful thing you have done, even if it's the most painful thing you've ever had to do. I think it's better to have someone. - Grey's Anatomy

In Crash Into Me Part II episode, Meredith Grey said that to a women whose husband just died in an accident. I paused for a moment when I heard those words.

I agree. We need someone. It doesn’t have to be a partner or someone you’re gonna spend the rest of your life with. We can refer someone as to a friend, a classmate, or even an enemy. How can you grow if you’re the only person (the only kind of species) in this world? There will be no sense of fulfillment. Not even a chance of survival.

In every opinion that we have, Lemme Just Say Something!!!

SAY IT Sal Garcia-Hife.


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