I Don't Know

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It’s been months since I’ve planned to start a blog. But, I end up nothing, nothing to type. Yes, “type”, not “say” because if I said “say”, it will be blasphemous because everyone knows I am a very vocal person. I love to talk; I love to say what’s on my mind. I can give everyone my opinions and suggestions with no extra charge. LOL. And because that I am so frank, honest, and really want to say what’s on my mind, my computer (yes, my partner in crime, my entertainer, my secret-keeper, my extended memory, my external brain, oh I’ll just tell you later, hahaha) introduced me to blogging. My computer (by the way, her name’s Honey) opened some blogsites for me and to my surprise, they were very amusing and very cool to read. I learned a lot from these blogsites such as how to use cheats on Warcraft, how to date someone, how to chat and how to use Facebook, Friendster, Multiply, Myspace, Hi5, YouTube (ok enough). Blogsites are really helpful most especially when you have projects and assignments (hmm, copy here, paste there, edit edit, woala!). And there, I was really inspired to make one because I’d like to share everything and I am a type of person that cannot keep MY (please take note: “MY” not “others’”. I am no “xoxo gossip girl” LOL) secrets to myself. So I ran to Honey, opened my Word application and started typing.

So why it took months before I started my blog?

Simple. It’s because my mind and my hands don’t want to compromise. My mind is too fast like a machine gun and my hands are like 45 caliber guns (see how my body parts linked to deadly weapons! Wahahaha). Every time my mind thought of something, my hands couldn’t catch up. Few months later, after series of trainings and tests (and mind-hands fight), here I am, workin’ smoothly! Yeah baby! Hahaha.

I Don’t Know.

Recently, I just finished fixin’ up my websites (or blogsites like what I’ve mentioned earlier) and as soon as I started typing, my brain said “I don’t know”. What!? After all the hardships that we’ve been through these past months, you’ll just say “I don’t know” (as if we’ve really been through HARDSHIPS, wahahaha). Well, what can I do, my brain needs a break. So, I just joined my mom in watchin' TV. It’s funny at the same time weird because, once again, I became a kid and start whining “Mom, change the channel, not that, this, that, here, there, waaahuhuhu”. Wahahaha, I can still remember how mom’s pissed with my “whining disorder” and just stay put in watching Grey’s Anatomy. “Mom, we know that already, we watched that a couple of times na!!!” (na =Filipino term for “already”). Well, as usual, mom just ignored me 'coz she knew I’ll stop pestering her. LOL.

Then I started to feel the Grey’s Anatomy episode “Crash Into Me Part II” then Meredith started saying “I don’t know..”. My brain woke up.

Meredith Grey: “I think it's better to have someone, even if it hurts, even if it is the most painful thing you have done, even if it's the most painful thing you've ever had to do. I think it's better to have someone.”
I was stunned by those words and how she delivered it. It was heartfelt. It made me start typing. It inspired me to think of words to say and share. It also reminded me of my ability to compose words such as that. I love making quotes that sometimes my mind just burst out with meaningful statements or just “word vomit” (I got that from Mean Girls, LOL) or just typing it out without knowing I’ll be quoted by someone (Sandy, thanks! let’s make a talk show out of our blogs!!! Haha! ..Ooops, sorry for that tactless ad).

After all these, Lemme Just Say Something!!!
SAY IT Sal Garcia-Hife.


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