Allergic To Work

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It all began when I worked for two major companies as a Chef. I really did love my job. I do love cooking as well as baking. Because I love it so much, I ended up being a workaholic. I did work so hard to the point that I found myself sleeping late, waking up early, eating a lot (because I needed tons of energy), fighting stress and oftentimes, ended up getting sick.

It was so hard to get sick while working. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to work. I tended to eat a lot just to fight stress. After six months (in each company), I can't stand anymore the stress, pain and such illnesses that I decided to stop. Days later, Mom realized and told me that I can't work long and that I am "allergic to work". Well, I agree. So now, I am in search of ways how to earn without working so hard. I am a certified WORKALLERGIC!


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