By The Shore

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That night, I found myself wandering under the moon.
Feet on shallow waters.
Eyes on stars.

.. Thinking what my life would be if there's someone who could love me for real.
Past just left me. Past, who always promised me eternal love, left 2 weeks ago without notice.
Who is to blame? Is it I who just kept on loving the so-called "the one" or the person who just kept on saying "I love you"..

Random thoughts, random questions.. I was just swimming in emotions because love has failed again.. I just wish someone could really love me without even telling me..

Before I get drowned by my "emo self", I went back to hang out with friends, had a few drinks and started dancing with them. We danced till we dropped. I danced till I ran out of energy. I wanna get really tired so I could ease the pain..

Heart wanted to be happy and believed that it is time to get over with it. Someone is more deserving and more worth to love. Fast as it seems, I'm starting to move on with the past. Dancing really do help in moving on (yes, in my case) and of course, the people around you who appreciates and loves you for who you are. Heart began to face the fact that it's over with the past and on with the present.. not realizing present is just around the corner...


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