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I'm a type of person who loves social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Since I have no time in mingling with other people in the real world, such networks gave me a great opportunity to meet different kinds of people. Another reason is why I somewhat don't mingle anymore in the real world is because for me, it's such a waste of time and e-f-f-o-r-t to

go out,
get well-dressed,
always check posture,
always be aware of the body language
always have confidence
know how to approach
etc etc etc.

While in social networks, just answer the questions like "what do want in a person?" blah blah, describe yourself (good thing there's like a survey so you don't have to make a write-up bout yourself. These surveys will generate in a "match making" search engine where people type in their preference in a person and if you've passed in their preference, your profile will show up in the results! isn't it that fast and easy!), and upload your pictures and you're ready to go.

In real life need to put much effort and oftentimes, you need to put your best foot forward. While in social networks, usually, through surveys, you put the right description bout yourself. (But also beware of fake people and/or posers.)

Since 14 years old, I'm already active in social networks even in online-dating sites (could you believe that!) because I have no time to go out and date. I'm usually the "home-school-home" guy (aw, such a good boy.). It's been six years of cyber romance and yes, usually, I bring that cyber love into real life...but it doesn't last that long..the longest, I think, was 3 years.

Cyber romance isn't that different in the real world. If you're going to be serious about it, you'll see that people are more real in the cyber world than in the real world because rejection in cyber space isn't that harsh than in the real world. In real world, we always tend to put our best foot forward, we try to avoid our negative side to be noticed while in the cyber world, we just tend to be ourselves. And lots of people are into social networks and online-dating sites nowadays and with that, you have great probability that you'll find the right one for you.

But like everyone, I also wanted to find the right person in the real world...(thinking..) 'Coz I think it's better to see and date a real live person than through pictures and webcam I guess...

I never experienced the "real" stuff till I had a vacation with my friends...

It's scary 'coz I hate rejections (like saying "I DON'T LIKE YOU" in front of my face.)...But I still did it.

The whole time I just showed my "truest" self...

Anyways, that night, I was so eager to talk to this particular person (a friend of a friend) 'coz I felt something different and turned out that I'm so interested in this person. I chatted with the person for hours. I wasn't expecting anything since I never expect someone to like me in the real world. But the person likes me too! haha. Just love it! hahaha. The person appreciates me for who I am and the person would like give it (love opportunity) a shot. And the rest is history.

The moment the person decided to give it a shot, I was...overjoyed because it was my first time not to be rejected in the real world (aw...). Rejection sucks in the real world, but when someone accepted you and kept you for's so's such an awesome feeling.

In that experience, it change my whole perspective about these two worlds. If you want to play it safe in Love, go cyber world. But if you want to take risks, go real world. Besides, in Love, risks can totally be worth it :-)

P.S. In the real world, you really have to be R-E-A-L ;-)


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