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Here's a story from my friend Ms. Palay:

He was my crush way back in Elementary (Grade 5) until I transferred to another school. Almost 10 years that we didn't have any communication. But every year, I remember his birthday because it's easy to memorize the date: July 1.

Last July 2, he texted me. He got my number through a friend. So he texted me because he wanted to inform me that there will be a reunion. Then I replied: "Belated happy birthday!!!". He was shocked because he thought I'll just ignore his text and that I didn't remember him anymore. Since then, we always text each other 'till dawn. Then from texting, we were talking for hours on the phone. Can you just imagine, 6 hours EVERYDAY!

After few days, he asked something...He asked if I know someone... because this girl has the same surname as I am.

"I don't know her, why?"
"Um...she's my girlfriend."

So I was shocked because she already have a girlfriend yet he's still talking o me for hours (like he's single). So I asked him if he's just like that to all of his friends.

"It's only you."

So I said "I think there's something wrong. it should be your girlfriend whom you're gonna talk for hours with. You should be more open to her."
"Do you think I'm going to talk to you if my girlfriend has time for me?"


"Oh OK, so what am I? A 'rebound'?"

One time, after a week-long of talking, he saw me on webcam. And again, after weeks of talking, he said that he has a crush on me. We just continued with our sleepless nights just talking with each other. Sometimes we just do sound trip and sing to each other. Their love was starting to fade while we're getting to be super sweet like we're a couple. The only thing that's missing was to say I LOVE YOU to each other but we're so together in spite of not saying such.

August 15. We met each other again. He was so excited to meet me (I think it is because that I'm so beautiful! Haha). One of my friend asked him if how's he and his girlfriend to which his reply "IT'S OBSCURE ANYMORE". I just did not comment 'bout that. Then when we started talking to each other, he has this jealous effect that why did I keep talking to my other guy friend.

Then we moved on, go go go. I got a job and even if I was so tired from work (I always get home like 3am in the morning), we still talk to each other (just for 30 minutes). One time, I made him jealous. I told him I have this crush on a cute bartender. Then he was teasing me 'bout my crush. Then I said "Don't worry, you will be our Ninong of OUR baby."

"Ah ok, Fine. I'll be the Ninong then. Goodnight." For real? He just said goodnight like that???

The next day I asked why is he so affected last night.
"Do you really wanna know why?"
"Yes, if I need to know."
"Bebi Gurl, I do now love you!!!!"
He calls me Bebi Gurl, and I call him Bebi Boi. Isn't that sweet!!!? (it all started in Pet Society, game application in Facebook). Anyways, I was shocked as usual. He then said, "I hope there's nothing going to change between us..."
"Of course, there's going to be no change at all."

The "ritual" of talking everyday goes on until I resigned September 24th. That's why on the 25th we went to Mall of Asia with elementary friends. That day, he somewhat doesn't want to talk to me like he has a problem. So there, I saw his facebook, it looks like his girlfriend wants to have him back. His girlfriend showed too much affection for him on Facebook.

Ondoy time. I told him we need to talk. Then, yes, we've talked and I said "Why's it like that... can you just tell me that you and your girlfriend are together again?"
"Yes, you can say that..."

I was in super moment in silence... Then I said... "Yeah, I figured because I can see that in your Facebook page. I am not blind, and definitely not stupid...But I'm confused. You told me that you really love your girlfriend yet you also told me that you love me too. So how's that? I think that's impossible."

He replied, "...there are really such things that you both love them... it's just that, you love one more than the other."

*OUCH!!!!!!!!!* *super OUCH!!!!*

"So, you love your girlfriend more, huh?"

Huwaaah! Then I said, "Ah ok... ok..."
After Ondoy, We just talk about the same topic and our communication started to lessen.

October 3. "I accept the fact already. But I still feel sad about it. It's just sad because we already built this "relationship" but it just got wasted."
We both said "I hope our friendship will not be ruined."
So we moved on like nothing happened. We played badminton with Elementary friends. Then sometimes he calls me if he has nothing to do. Then, once again, I saw in his FB page their super public display of affection.

October 21. I told him, "I think we should stop communicating with each other 'coz I think that's the right thing to do."
"But I thought you're ok with it?" He said it in a mad voice.
"Yes I am ok... but not really ok okok but there is still .1% that can grow anytime... (...if we're still in the same situation, right?) ...I just don't want to get hurt again in the end. It's like a cycle that's why we have to end this cycle. We have to stop talking to each other."

For him, it's like...nothing happened...

October 26. I uploaded 85 pictures. He saw one picture one of my friends holding his graduation picture. He texted me and said, "Why does Mara holding my graduation picture?"
Then I gave him a cold answer. "Oh really?"
"Yes, I think he was holding my grad pic."
"Oh really now."
"So why is he holding it?"
"I don't know."
"Why does your replies seem like you're really mad at me?"
"Oh no I'm sorry I'm just busy because my bestfriend's here."
"When you see Nathaniel (my other friend) next time, can you give back my graduation picture? Do not worry, I'll give back yours."

12am. He said, "Btw, tnx 4 d friendship. Hihi. I'm now ok! Apir! I want to give back your pic that you've given me. See ya.". I didn't reply and that was the last. The rest, was all in Facebook. He even became so vocal 'bout his relationship with his girlfriend: "I LOVE MY BHIE". Then he posted A LOT of pictures of them dating and they were sooo sweet.

My friends started to get pissed when he posted a really offensive comment on my FB page. In return, my friends backfired him with below-the-belt comments. And then they got more pissed when he removed one of my friends on his FB. Then there's this one Video in his FB with a caption "Not everyone that looks like a street guy is bad. There are also rich people which fancy dresses and gorgeous hair that has such bad character. Ooops, I did not say that, it's Jay."

I just kept quiet with that statement. I just kept myself busy, improving my beauty etc. At first, the reason why I wanted to be so beautiful is for him to regret letting me go. But now looking at his picture with his girlfriend, I felt disgusted. I really can't imagine anymore myself with him. EW.

Before, I was so insecure with his girlfriend... not realizing her face was photoshopped (TRUE!). Then my friends kept on backfiring them on FB. Now, I can't see anymore his girlfriend on his FB including their album. I kept searching some stuff on his FB then I realized that his girlfriend was on super dooper mega PRIVATE MODE!!!

Nevertheless, it was all in the past. I have totally moved on. And btw, I have a new love life. I'll share it to you soon. And this time, I'm gonna make sure I'll have a happy ending. ;-)


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