Then Came The Past

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Dear BOS,

I'd like to share my story on Love.

I was always looking forward to find my right guy. And its been years that I finally met him. I was dating Mr. A for three months and I'm really happy that I found my ideal guy in him.

He's tall rich (ok don't get me wrong, I'm not a golddigger. I just want a guy stable so I don't have to feed him or what)
generous (again, I'm not a golddigger, it's just what he is. haha)
very sweet

He was consistent in those three months and our dreams is like exactly the same, that is why I accepted his offer of love.

Days after, he became so busy, because he was the consultant chef of a certain company. I understand that fact since we already knew our priorities in the beginning. But the communication became less and less. And I was starting to get worried. Days of no communication became weeks of no communication.

I began telling this story to my closest friends and they were all giving me the same advice: to move on.

Realizing things, yes I decided to move on and started dating this guy, Mr. B.

Mr. B is similar to Mr. A. The difference is that, Mr. B is like my best friend. In just days, Mr. B knew all my flaws and negative side even my darkest secrets. Yet, in spite all these, he still accepted me. With Mr. A, he also accepts me for who I am but I felt like he doesn't have time for me anymore. Both guys are very dedicated to work. But in spite of being busy, Mr. B gave me the right/enough attention/time that I needed.

I answered Mr. B after two weeks. And what's good about it, Mr. B is still consistent.About another two weeks later. Mr. A came back. He was sincerely asking for forgiveness. There was an emergency that he has to leave for the States for a week or two..And he was again courting to have me back.

I haven't told anyone bout the situation except you Sal and your fellow readers. I never told anyone of them since that I still have feelings for Mr. A.
I never wanted to be polygamous.

Thank You and more power to your blog.

Ms. AB

Dear Ms. AB

First of all, thank you for sharing with us your love story.

It is natural for us that we don't just tell it right away to both parties because

1. You don't want them to be hurt
2. You want to really make the right decision
3. You want to know what you're heart and mind really feel and think.

In my opinion, it is ok to keep them both but not too long. you can't just choose right away because what if you choose Mr. A but then you realize that Mr. B will really be the one who will give you true love and happiness (or vice versa). You can't just give up someone for the other.

With Mr. A:
You have to know his side first
Clear out everything
Set things out

Talk to both of them..heart to heart..of course in a different time and place.
Then weigh your options. You have to weigh options seriously.

I think this will be a battle of who will truly accept you for who you are, who will really give you time and attention and who will not take you for granted.

I hope my advice will really help you and again, thank you for sharing us your story :-)


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