The Turtle and The Rabbit

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Rabbit didn't appreciate Turtle at first. I think it's because Rabbit was busy too much with looking at such beautiful scenery or mingling with different species or having fun. Rabbit was too busy hoping (jumping) with different activities in life. Yes. Rabbit's too busy...just to forget how painful and tragic love was...

Turtle was...simply happy and enjoying such time with friends. Turtle, that time, definitely needs a time out. Hahaha, can you just imagine how hard it is to be like a turtle, walking so slow on hot sand? Tiring huh..

So Rabbit spent time with friends, ate lunch, enjoyed the beach while Turtle...slept. They're too different from each other. With Turtle's personality (of being mysterious), Rabbit became curious. Rabbit wanted to know more about Turtle. Rabbit became interested on Turtle's being different...being so slow and boring and why does Turtle have to sleep the whole time rather than enjoying the island.

That night, Rabbit had the courage to invite friends, most especially the Turtle to dance and enjoy the whole night. As usual, Turtle's slow in the dance floor. But the magic began.

Turtle infected the whole dance floor. Music and Time went slow and it was just the Rabbit and the Turtle. Rabbit was simply amazed by the Turtle's eyes. And Turtle's smile was just...soothing. His infectious smile made the pain go away inside Rabbit's body. Just as Rabbit's enlightened with what was happening, Turtle went back to the table to rest. Soon, Rabbit began to feel a lil' bit exhausted and sat beside Turtle.

Rabbit started a private conversation with Turtle. Turtle told everything to Rabbit. As this conversation went deeper and deeper... Rabbit felt comfortable with Turtle.

Rabbit, held hands with Turtle
Rabbit, looked at Turtle
Rabbit...hugged Turtle...

Rabbit knew that there will be sacrifices along their way...But Rabbit is willing to...

"the rabbit decided to stop jumpin' and just wanted to walk with the turtle...
i think the reason why the rabbit kept on jumpin'... 'coz rabbit has shorter life span than turtle..
the rabbit just want to make most out of rabbit's life...
the rabbit wants to make sure that rabbit loved the turtle truly before rabbit dies..
yup the rabbit's heart beats faster than the turtle..because rabbit's jumpin all the time..
life is short for the rabbit..
what makes the turtle to be fast like the rabbit is to swim in the ocean.
but the rabbit will drown...
rabbit's knows the risks...rabbit knows rabbit will die if rabbit will join with the turtle..
but as they went to the shore..
rabbit's ready to die for love
then the turtle realize the rabbit really loves turtle
rabbit dives...
so as the turtle..
yes...rabbit was drowning...
seconds later...
rabbit was on top of the turtle's shell
rabbit swam with the turtle
turtle help rabbit...
from then on...
they didn't leave each other"s side."

I am the Rabbit.
Turtle's my present.


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