Affected Display Of Public

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Yes, we all know about PDA or Public Display of Attention. We see a lot of couples holding hands while walking (HHWW), holding hands while sitting (HHWS), holding hands while watching movie (just figure out the abbreviation.), smacking, smooching, kissing, bla bla. For me, there's no biggie with that. I mean, they are a couple right? They're just celebrating and doing some acts of love and just proving to the public that they really love each other. It's really not an issue for me.
BUT (yes there's a big BUT[t]), there are limitations on displaying your affection to the public. Coz when it goes beyond the limitations, ADP or Affected Display of Public comes in. WOW, it's new to you right? Not sure about the meaning? Well, here's the story: Me being an ADP.
It was November 21, 2009, Party was held in Crown Plaza. It was J's birthday celebration. It's great coz I've been invited to stay there overnight. Everyone was beautiful and handsome (Yes. INCLUDING ME! if you have a problem with that, back off and stop reading!). We ate alot, drank alot, sang alot, partied alot in the suite.

Since we are all drunk, mixed emotions began filling up the room. Happiness, laughter, sorrow, madness were everywhere. Well, it's still ok for me, coz it's ok to release what's on the inside...EMOTIONALLY!!!

(This is where ADP started.) November 22, 2009. Very early morning. No sun yet.

Unfortunately, someone threw up on  someone's face. K was telling J that K loved J bla bla and seconds later K began throwing all up on J's face. I began to ADP. I covered my face, most especially my nose because the smell was all over. And thanks to his (K) other friend R, who puked on the CARPETED floor, the smell was more concentrated. Well, of course, being their friend, I helped them out. :-) (such a sweet guy)


Another friend, S, came in. J told me that S loves J and S is stalking J. We also made him drunk. And began telling me the story that, indeed, S truly loves J and it's just J or never. (Such a stupid S***. MOVE ON OK!)That doesn't end there. R, who also puked, talked to T, another friend of ours just right beside the bathroom. Minutes later, they were kissing...minutes later...they were crawling to the side of the bed and do their thing. What's worse, there is a girl (G) sleeping beside them.

So while humping, G was disturbed but didn't bother talking to them coz she thought she knew what they were in, their heads was on her feet. HUMPING!!! Whatta Birthday S**! Wahahaha.

K, R and T went home. Later, G told us what happened and went home too. Well, I just took a nap coz I can't stop thinking about what happened.

After Sunrise, I told J that it is confirmed that S loves and stalks J. J doesnt really like S... totally doesn't like S. So we just ignored S until S decided to go home. HORAY!!!

The rest (5 of us), cleaned the suited. checked-out, ate lunch and parted ways.

Whew! The End.
P.S. They went to R's condo and talked about it. CONFIRMED! haha! ...eww. I am just soo affected. G too.


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