Lie: Being NOT Generous

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It's natural when people will tell you that you're lying when you say you are generous. But isn's it insane when you a person told you that you're lying because you said that you are NOT generous?

Yes, I must admit that I WAS generous. But since I am now very cautious with my money, I always keep/save my money in the bank.

One time, I was asking a lil favor to my mom if she could spare me a small amount of money for fare since it's very time-consuming to go to the bank or atm machine to withdraw.

Mom: "Diba I gave you money?"
Me: "Yes mom. But I put it all in the bank."
Mom: "Or you just spent it with your friends???"
Me: "NO Mom! Not at all. It's really all in the bank."

Huhuhu. I'm not generous anymore ok! Please...argh!!! huhuhu.


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