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I was kinda bothered with all the noise outside my house. I know it's Fiest of Sto. Nino but the cheers and the noise was infinity. I went outside and checked it out for a bit.

Ms. Gay 2009 Question and Answer Portion

Host: The next one to answer the question is Ms. Angel Locsin
Host: Please pick a ball.
(Ms. Angel Locsin picked one.)
Host: Ms Angel Locsin have chosen judge number four.
Judge#4: Good evening Ms. Angel Locsin. Here is my quesion. What will you do to prevent Mother Nature?
(Cricket sounds)
Ms. Angel Locsin: Can you repeat the question please?
Judge#4: What...will you prevent Mother Nature?
(Judge#4 looked at the host as if she's requesting to translate her quesion)
Host: Ok Ms. Angel Locsin, you're question was "How will you prevent Global Warming?"
(Ms. Angel Locsin smiled as she understood the question...finally.)
Ms. Angel Locsin: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I believe...(she continued her speech)

I didn't listen the contestant's answer coz I was filled with laughter and tummy cramps.
I went home laughing out loud. Literally.


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