Rica Paras

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My sister was with her friends in Glorietta looking for shoes. Fortunately, Rica was there! So my sister, without second thoughts, approached her and took a picture with her.

Rica Paras is the first transgender housemate inside the Pinoy Big Brother House. At first, people feel a little bit awkward but Rica proves everyone that she is more than just a transgender (Well, she doesn't need to prove everyone. She is what she is. She and her love ones know that she is beautiful inside and out and that is what's important.). She's very intelligent. She knows how to speak her mind. She really knows how to deal with different kinds of people. She's been tested with trials and challenges and now, she's stronger than ever.

Rica showed us that she and the other transsexuals are also humans; that they should be respected and be treated fairly and equally. Inside the Pinoy Big Brother House, she also showed her weaknesses. While we all know she's strong, she also has limitations. She still has a soft heart; that some insults, discriminations or issues still hurt her. Nevertheless, she can handle life with a smile.
That's Rica. Beautiful. Inside and out. :-)


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