Ridiculous Questions, Ridiculous Answers

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Have you asked something weird or something RIDICULOUS!?
Or does your answer seems to be normal but, thinking about it, it DOES NOT CONNECT to the question!?

When someone slipped off the floor, why do you say

"Are you ok?"
What the heck! You already knew that the person IS NOT OK, yet you still asked the question. DARN!

Or when someone kept using her credit card for shopping and an agent told her that she has $10000 debt, she said

"What happened? Why do I have a $10000 debt!!!?"

Excuse me lady, are you that stupid and you can't figure it out?

Or when a person ask "San ka na?" (Where are you?"), why do you say

"Nasa Jeep nako!" (I'm in a Jeep already.)

What the F! JEEP!!!??? Your answer is that you're in the Jeep already??? Where's the Jeep you D*CK HEAD!

Or when a person ask "Ano 'to?" (What's this?) pointing to the food, why do you say

"Masarap 'to! :-)" (This is delicious)

Hello!?! Are you nuts! The person needs the name of the food not the description of the taste!

DEMMET!!! (Damn it.)


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