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You know how Mom and I really wanted Dick Gordon to win for presidency. He really is talented and skillful, has an awesome track record and considered an "ACTION" person.

One day I saw in the internet that there are 7-Eleven Gulp cups featuring the presidential candidates. I got excited and I told Mom about it. So we went to 7-Eleven in Coastal (near KFC) before heading to our excercise class in In-Flight Center. We were informed that every purchase of Gulp or Slurpee, they'll get to choose a cup and that will be added to 7-Eleven's presidential poll. So Mom purchased 3 cups of Gulp featuring Dick Gordon (which means 3 votes for him! Horay!).

Last December 3, 2009, 8:08am, I posted this on Facebook:

We need "results-people"! I'm not after whose artists are they with or how beautiful their words (or commercials) are. After seeing what they've done and after the debate, my decision is final. My vote goes for Gordon-Fernando Tandem! Go "DOERS"! Go TRANSFORMERS!

Well, we gotta vote for them coz we need GENUINE RESULTS AND CHANGE PEOPLE!!!

Like what Dick did for Subic and Bayani for Marikina, I strongly believe that they know what they will do for the rest of the country.

Dick Gordon:

Dick Gordon is one of the presidentiables in this year's election and I am going to vote for him. Why? Because I believe that in order to choose the RIGHT candidate for presidency, you have to look at his or her track record. Dick Gordon made A LOT for the people. He really does have word of honor. What he says, he just do it.

Be convinced. Know more about him. Vote for him!

Bayani Fernando:

Mom likes him for being a disciplinarian.


We need someone who strictly follows the rules and someone who tells the rules to people because Mom and I believe that ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

I remember one time I got scolded by an MMDA officer. Yes, I have to admit that I really got embarassed. But never ever in my mind that I should be mad about it because first, he is just implementing the rules (thanks to our former MMDA Chairman Bayani, he manage them very well.), second, he is just protecting me and third, I know it is my fault.

Like Dick, Bayani also has a great track record and that for me is important.

People, we have to admit that we are "pasaway" and "matigas ang ulo". If we really want change, let a disciplinarian like him train us. I am not saying be under him but let us be trained like what he did to the Marikina People.

Please. It's very tiring to always vote for the wrong person. It is NOW time to choose the right person for the job. They are the RIGHT PERSONS. Let us vote for them.

Here are their official websites:


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