What Vice Or Luxury Can You Not Live Without?

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I am happy that there's already a presidential debate/forum in our country because, through these debates and forums, these will help us determine who are we going to vote this coming elections.

But, what I don't understand, why do we have to (always) ask a stupid question.
A guy ask to the former president Erap "What vice or luxury can you not live without?". Is that really a good question? Fine, it is a CHARACTER question but it is a STUPID CHARACTER QUESTION. When it comes to these presidential debates and forums, we have to consider and make our questions a bit serious coz really, this is a serious business. We are talking about presisdency here. We are talking about these candidates and whom are we going to choose. What vice or luxury bla bla. WHAT THE F!

And since the guy asked a stupid question, most probably, the candidate will answer a stupid one.

... But what actually attract my attention and made me realize TO REALLY NOT VOTE THIS PARTICULAR CANDIDATE is when the guy asked again the stupid question "What vice you can live without aside from giving service to the people?" He asnwered:

"I don't have any vice at all except giving service to the people."

BULLCRAP! This former president

gets women all over

and then tell eveyone he CAN live without these?
I'm sure, he still smokes until now and CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT!



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