Hopia Hearts Day! ♥♥♥

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So how are you?^^. How's your Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year yesterday? :-)

Me? Yesterday's peaceful and happy. I greeted everyone on Facebook "Hopia Hearts Day" because we celebrated Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day both on the same day. Lucky Love huh!?

Well, I think I'll be lucky this year, although I read some feng shui forecasts (Yes, I needed a second opinion that time. LOL) that it's not my lucky year (Year of the Metal Tiger), because, first of all, based on my experience, when it's my lucky year, I don't get lucky! Wahahaha. And second of all, Melai (Click here to know more about her.) and I are both Earth Dragons. She won 1 Million Pesos (for her and another for her charity), won 2.5 Million-Peso worth of house and lot, won a 40-inch LCD TV screen, won an all-expense-paid trip with a friend to three key Asian destinations and became an owner of a water refilling station franchise. Because of that, I might as well get lucky this year. ;-)

Regardless whether you're lucky or not -slash- loveless or not this year, it's still up to you whether you decided to be happy and triumphant this year or just do nothing and end up stagnant. It is still up to us; We create our own lives. :-)


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