First Automated Election

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Last May 10, Philippines had its First Automated Election. This was really a major part of our history and, of course, my history because it was my first time to vote. So I brought my digicam to capture myself and Mom voting. I wasn't that aware about the rules. All I know was how to vote. Since I have a clear conscience and intention, that my sole purpose of taking pictures and videos was to capture every memorable moment of my life, I never thought it was strictly prohibited.

So there, I was taking pictures of myself and mom while waiting for our turn to vote. When it was mom's turn, I took a video of her from registering to filling up the sheet. Unfortunately when it was her turn on the PCOS machine, I got a COMELEC OFFENSE and forced me to stop and keep my digicam.

Yikes, first time voter got his first COMELEC Offense. Tsk. Thank God it was only a warning coz I know I can go to jail. If ever that happens, I have no choice but to face my consequence since Mom always tells me "Ignorance of the law is NOT AN EXCUSE".

It wasn't that bad really. I was still glad that I voted and became part of history! :-)


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