Breaking Up A Part Of Life!?!

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When one broke up with someone, friends are there to comfort the person. Most of the time, they'll tell you "It is part of life my friend".

I don't agree much.
I have a different persective.

For me it is not part of life that someone left you and took you for granted just like that.
Life for me is full of happiness and full of positive vibes and energy.
And I think they leave you for no reason because they want their lives to be miserable.
And the reason why you are sad is not really because they left you but because they don't want to spend happiness with you.
Oh well, it is truly their loss. Not ours.

Well, in my case, it's a fact. Everytime one leaves me without any reason at all, something bad happens to that person. KARMA ROCKS and FAST!

On the other hand. It is part of life when you two sit down, talk about the issues within your relationship and try fixing things. And if it's really not working, tell each other what went really wrong and what should be avoided in your next relationship. Say your last words, hugs, kisses and together put the relationship into an end. That is how a proper closure should be.

And with proper closure, yes, it is nice that your ex can still be your friend. After all, your ex will always be part of your life because that person is one the people who helped you mold into a person you are today. :-)


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