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June 5th. I, once again, watched Bottomline with Boy Abunda. And that night I just found out it was Cesar Flores Zavarce who was behind Smartmatic and the PCOS Machine.
There are two things that I will always remember about him:

1. He is a Libertarian.
Libertarian - who advocates the maximization of individual liberty in thought and action and the minimization or even abolition of the state. Libertarians embrace viewpoints ranging from a minimal state (or minarchist) to anarchist.

In my own understanding, Libertarian really supports two things: RESPECT and PEACE. Since I really like the idea, I decided to be a Libertarian too. :-)

2. He wanted to tell Filipinos to "Remove the gullibility to tsismis (gossip)".
It's true, we shouldn't be paying so much attention to tsismis. Yes, tsismis is part of our system. BUT, we shouldn't consider all gossips as facts.
To read more about the interview, CLICK HERE.

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  1. Great to find another libertarian! Please check out "Filipinos for Ron Paul" on Facebook. We're the only (semi) organized association of libertarians in the Philippines. We'd love to hear from you.


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