Passionately Kissing

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Kiss is a very very valuable activity of lips of both lovers.
By A.K.

When you close your eyes
     you have this special feelings for this person
Sitting down

Here comes the person
You'll feel him breathing...

Still eyes closed
He'll brush his lips to yours
You'll feel something
Passing to your heart
     beatin fast
          making you shiver....

He'll kiss your lower lips
          and gently sucking your lower lips
You'll feel his sincerity
     his warmth
     his affection

He'll hug you tight
     slightly squeezing you
He'll hold your jaws
     looks at you soo deep
          smiles gently

He'll kiss you on the upper lip
You're kissing his lower lip
You'll feel comfort

You're holding his neck
     taking your time feeling his lower lip

Then you'll look at each other
and you'll hug each other so tight...

More than a year has passed,
     you can still feel that moment
That one special, passionate kiss...
A kiss... of goodbye

He was migrating that time...
And it was really for good...
Actually, there were lots of whispers and tears
And yes, it was painful

Don't feel sorry about it.
Never ever say sorry when you love
Or I love
Or whatever about love
It was a positive pain for me
A pain that made me love more

Don't be afraid to love
Don't be afraid to feel pain
I believe it will take time
     ...taking time to get ready...


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