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I do understand Carlos Celdran and I am for RHbill and I don't mind protesting against Bishops and Priests or people, in general, who are against it. But, I do hope, not inside the house of God. God is my best friend and I believe, with the current situation, He is too for RHbill, gender equality and He loves everyone regardless of race, color, gender and even sexuality. If we really want to fight for what we truly think is right, not in a place where we disrespect (even if it is not intentional) God. The Church (pertaining to the place of God, not to the people who's running the place.) is not a battlefield. Yes, we have the freedom to say whatever we want but not in a scandalous way. I would rather be direspected than disrespecting others for, first, I believe that karma rocks and, second, I can say that I am the good guy and that I am way better than them.


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