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Woah! It's been weeks since I last posted. Whew! Well, as you all know, two weeks ago, Lola came here for a visit (she's here behind me.lol), and most of the time I'm with her, taking care of her, listen to her stories, and sermons (haha), obey her and everything. I just love my Lola that even though I don't do things such as painting the wall (because I am allergic to paint), I did it for her. Two days ago, she told me to paint the walls. I did not tell her that it will cause me to have asthma because I just want to obey her - it's how I show love (even though I tell her that I am allergic to paint, she will not believe me because I'm a big guy! LOL). So the day after, I got sick. Until now, it's still hard to breathe. Sigh.

Anyways, since I am sick and my brain can't function well (a.k.a. braindead.), I want to share with you some of my friend's (Sandy Balisado) posts. It was so well-written and it was so sincere and genuine. Hope you enjoy like I did. :-)


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